Keynote: Equity as the Superior Growth Model

Keynote: Equity as the Superior Growth Model

New Jersey Future was honored to host PolicyLink Founder in Residence Angela Glover Blackwell at our 2019 Redevelopment Forum. Blackwell’s work is centered on the idea that public policy can and should promote equity. It’s a nice concept, but what does it have to do with redevelopment and New Jersey Future’s work?

First, let’s recap what we mean when we talk about equity. Equity is providing equal access, opportunity, and treatment to everyone, while eliminating barriers that have currently or historically prevented the full participation of certain groups.

New Jersey Future believes that true progress cannot be made in the redevelopment world unless policy decisions are made through an equity lens. We invited Angela Glover Blackwell to share her findings so that we can all make sure our work in communities will help everyone thrive.

Read ROI-NJ’s summary of her keynote.

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